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We are an organization that formed in memory of Isobel June Schissler.  Isobel was born with Spinabifida and in her four short years here on earth, she provided smiles to many.  Her favorite things included being able to play and move around like other kids along with experiencing many family vacations.   It is our mission to continue to spread her smile to many.  Our hope is to be able to fund grants for families and individuals to experience new things by accessing equipment and providing opportunities to SMILE.  


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The Schissler Family
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 Last weekend was a very busy one by anyones standards!

Alexis got to enjoy her cousins in town at the lake house in Michigan!  With the help of our strong helpers, she was able to enjoy time on the boat for the first time this season!  What a treat!!!  She was all smiles and fun for the weekend.  One of her cousins was so excited to see Alexis' smile back :-)

Sunday afternoon we had a big change and all of the sudden started having seizure activity.  She had about 20 seizures in the amount of time it took for us to go from the restaurant we were at when it started to home to the hospital.  It was my first time giving her her emergency med and making a difficult decision to drive downtown to where I knew they could respond immediately once we got there versus taking the slower route of the community hospital where she is not able to be supported.  It's a very scary situation to be in.  Thankfully Grandma was an amazing ambulance driver, navigating the streets of Chicago on a busy summer evening.Alexis' shunt was completely blocked, and she was rushed away to surgery.  The surgery was about 2 hours long to ensure all parts of her shunt were now working correctly.  The surgeon did a great job and thankfully he was one we knew from her last admission.  Neurosurgeons are great working on the brain....hairstylists they are NOT.  Lex had to have a lot of hair shaved off her head.  We are getting ready to head to the salon to take care of what will likely be her new 90's throw back look.  Here she is at 2AM after her surgery which ended an hour before this picture....This girl is insane.  So strong and so brave and so dang resilient.  TEAM ALEXIS thank you.  Thank you for being the strength behind this fighting girl.  Those of you who have donated, the bathroom is in works, we now have a roll in shower and it has created a whole different, easier world for us all.  I'll be sure to post pictures when it is done!  In the meantime, this girl is working so dang hard in therapy.  Her strength is coming back and her right hand is making huge gains.  Much love everyone!

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We are a non-profit organization with a mission to provide children with disabilities access to equipment and opportunities to enjoy life and SMILE. 


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